Letter from the SWGIT Chair, June 2012

I am honored to be the Chairman of the Scientific Working Group on Imaging Technology (SWGIT). I have been with SWGIT since 2003 and have served as the Vice Chairman for the last six years (2006 to 2012). I have experience working in local, state and federal agencies. My career began with Vero Beach Police Department as a latent fingerprint examiner and crime scene investigator. Upon leaving VBPD I became a Forensic Video Examiner for the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Forensic Science (DFS) and then obtained a position at the Department of Defense Computer Forensic Laboratory (DCFL).

I have been with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) since 2004 as a Forensic Video Examiner with the Forensic Audio, Video and Imaging Unit (FAVIAU). In March 2012, I joined the FBI Intrusion Detection Group (IDG). The mission of IDG is to support the physical security and technical integrity of FBI facilities worldwide.

At the FBI, I have been afforded the opportunity to assist with International, Federal, state and local video case work which has taken me around the world. I have enjoyed teaching and learning from others in the field. I understand the challenges of keeping current with technology and the importance of best practices and procedures. I intend to rely on these skills to help lead the SWGIT organization during my tenure.

As we move forward, I hope to bring my expertise in Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), the forensic community and the experience obtained from working at the local, state and federal levels, to my new position as Chairman of SWGIT.

The mission of the SWGIT is to facilitate the integration of imaging technologies and systems within the criminal justice system (CJS) by providing definitions and recommendations for the capture, storage, processing, analysis, transmission, output and archiving of images.

Our website contains over twenty recommendations and guidelines detailing procedures for digital photography, video and image processing, documenting image enhancement, as well as several other topics important in today's forensic environment. Additionally, you will find contact information and the SWGIT membership process.

SWGIT addresses the concerns that are important to all members of the community including first responders, laboratory examiners, and managers of criminal justice organizations. As we move forward I am confident we will be able to continue to support the imaging community by providing the best practices and guidelines available.

Melody A. Buba
SWGIT Chairman

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